5 Tips For Sustainable Gardening

By Editorial on March 29, 2013

During the spring season, many of us who like to spend time outside start to give a great deal of thought to organising gardening and landscaping efforts. Indeed, this time of year it can be wonderful to make an activity out of maintaining your garden, and it is certainly possible to grow a wide array of beautiful plants. However, in recent years, in addition to the general focus on spring gardening, there has been increased attention directed toward ways in which this activity can be made more sustainable. Environmental efforts are gaining ground worldwide, and you can contribute in your own way by making a few simple changes to how you manage your garden. Here are five sustainable gardening tips to help get you started!

1. Invite Nature

WoodpeckerOne of the most environmentally conscious things you can do while gardening is to consider the appeal and safety of your garden to natural creatures. Simple steps like purchasing a birdbath, providing nuts and seeds for animals, etc. can invite these creatures into your garden, giving them a safe and abundant resource of their own. Additionally, these efforts usually result in natural pest control, as birds and other creatures can take care of insects and vermin that may harm your plants.

2. Garden Organically

Gardening organically is a very broad concept, and can involve a number of steps, as outlined by BBC. The general concept, however, is to avoid harmful and unnatural chemicals and fertilisers when tending to your garden. Things like making your own natural compost, mulching, weeding by hand, etc., can all be healthier for the environment than many simpler, chemical-based gardening solutions.

3. Discard Your Petrol Mower

These days, there are any number of places where you can get a mechanical or electric lawn mower. Whether it’s browsing through your local gardening centre, or shopping at http://www.mysmartbuy.com, these mowers are abundant, and can save a great deal of pollution that comes about when people use petrol mowers. Switching to a more eco-friendly mower is not only environmentally responsible, but also cheap and easy.

4. Grow Edible Plants

Part of organic gardening that stands out as a particularly sustainable effort on its own is to make use of your garden to grow edible plants. This saves you money at the store, and also allows you to provide for yourself without relying on consumer grocery products. This is essentially the definition of a sustainable gardening effort!

5. Make A Rain Garden

An interesting step you may not have heard of before is to put a rain garden in your garden. This essentially means sectioning off a small hole or depression where rain can flow. The purpose of this is basically to harvest natural rainwater for the soil, rather than allowing it to gather ground waste to become harmful and useless runoff that will end up in sewer systems.

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