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The Values Revolution!

New Report identifies major public shift towards more socially conscious behaviour When doing your weekly shop what causes you to choose one product over another? Maybe the price, the brand, it’s location in the supermarket -or maybe it’s because of the company’s ethics? When the company at work gets involved with a community project do [...]

Green weddings – an ethical marriage!

Fewer people are getting married than ever, and most weddings that are taking place are certainly not the traditional “white wedding” with a blushing bride worried about the demands of her groom on the wedding night!

Couple on their wedding dayThe majority of weddings that do take place are between couples that are already living together, and often have been for many years. And, now, we also have marriages between same sex couples. The traditional notions of a religious service and couples vowing to honour and obey until “death do us part” have long since disappeared.