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So have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas now…

Ten tips to make sure that your Christmas is merry, bright, and green.   1. Swap your Christmas lights No Christmas is complete without some lights twinkling away! However, all that added electricity consumption is not great for the environment. Opt instead for Christmas lights with LED bulbs; they may cost a little more at [...]

Farming Data in the UK

Check out this information about what is happening in UK farming. The changes in figures reflect what is happening just as you are looking at the image! Farm Locator  

A little ‘Shed Time’ Reading

Are you interested in reading about Allotment Gardening, Home Grown Food, Bees and garden wildlife, then why not try your local library. Healthy Life Essex has a very useful page showing some of the interesting books, DVD’s and Websites now available. Visit the Healthy Life Essex Library Review page for more information – and then [...]

Selling allotment produce – is it legal?

Allotment gardening is becoming increasingly popular, sometimes as family owned sites but increasingly as community projects. Quite often such allotments will yield an excess of produce at certain times of year and people might want to sell that produce

Coca-Cola court victory leaves a bitter taste

Coca-Cola said it wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony in its 1971 ad campaign. The problem is Coke seems to have been singing off a different hymn sheet to the rest of the planet. While a multicultural group of teens sung a positive message of hope and love on an idyllic hillside, [...]

Guerrilla Gardening

I am pleased to learn that the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles has had a little something to do with a new publication to help local communities get access to awkward patches of disused land, in order to grow plants and vegetables and fruit. I am in full support as I was once a guerrilla gardener. [...]

Is it just trendy to buy bottled water?

On a recent day out I’d forgotten to take my usual bottle of (tap) water so was forced to buy a bottle of ‘Volvic’ water. From the label it was great to learn that my dear old body would be benefitting from the very best water – ‘filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock giving it a unique mineral composition … straight from the volcano so it’s full of volcanicity’….

Bird song – a prescription for calmer children?

The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology has funded a project to see if bird song can help calm children in hospital. The results have been very good and further research is being undertaken.

Blackbird (Turdus merula), singing male. Bogen…
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The project was undertaken by Chris Watson, a sound recordist with naturalist David Attenborough.