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The Future of Responsible Business

The Future of Responsible Business: The importance of values in raising the next generation of ethical entrepreneurs Helping parents, carers, and educators nurture an enterprising mindset in children from a young age is crucial both to their current and future happiness but also to the development of a ‘can-do’ attitude to life problems and opportunities. [...]

Time for a Spring clean – and to do some good!

Ever heard of the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge? Neither had I, until this week. The basic premise is that over a period of 30 days, you get rid of unnecessary junk, clutter and perfectly-good-but-unused-items. In only a month, your home will be a more minimalist, clear, and organised space. On Day 1, you have to get [...]

So have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas now…

Ten tips to make sure that your Christmas is merry, bright, and green.   1. Swap your Christmas lights No Christmas is complete without some lights twinkling away! However, all that added electricity consumption is not great for the environment. Opt instead for Christmas lights with LED bulbs; they may cost a little more at [...]

5p carrier bags? Yes, please!

New laws came into force in England this week, charging shoppers 5p per plastic bag from the supermarket – and I, for one, am celebrating! This has been a long time coming, given that Wales led the way back in 2011, followed by Northern Ireland in 2013 and Scotland in 2014. Similar schemes have been [...]

Farming Data in the UK

Check out this information about what is happening in UK farming. The changes in figures reflect what is happening just as you are looking at the image! Farm Locator  

The Values Revolution!

New Report identifies major public shift towards more socially conscious behaviour When doing your weekly shop what causes you to choose one product over another? Maybe the price, the brand, it’s location in the supermarket -or maybe it’s because of the company’s ethics? When the company at work gets involved with a community project do [...]

Bicycle. Bicycle!

In the warmth of summer I bought a bicycle. I was smitten with my purchase: an absolute bargain I’d found on Gumtree and travelled (rather traumatically) into the depths of Thurrock to retrieve.    En route to each destination its raised handlebars gave me a ladylike and graceful silhouette. The envy of all onlookers as I [...]

A little ‘Shed Time’ Reading

Are you interested in reading about Allotment Gardening, Home Grown Food, Bees and garden wildlife, then why not try your local library. Healthy Life Essex has a very useful page showing some of the interesting books, DVD’s and Websites now available. Visit the Healthy Life Essex Library Review page for more information – and then [...]

A song for Global Warming

More than 340 different green, environmental, conservation, organic, wildlife, recycling organisations – including the Friends of the Earth Czech Republic, Christian Ecology, Transition Voice, Fossil Free Yale, BBC Gardeners World, Organic Council of Ontario, Sumo Wholefoods, – in 31 countries like the lyrics to the Global Warming song – now it’s on YouTube!

The heat is on for householders

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has confirmed that heat generated by solar thermal panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps, could reward participating householders by being paid hundreds of pounds a year