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Time for a Spring clean – and to do some good!

Ever heard of the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge? Neither had I, until this week. The basic premise is that over a period of 30 days, you get rid of unnecessary junk, clutter and perfectly-good-but-unused-items. In only a month, your home will be a more minimalist, clear, and organised space. On Day 1, you have to get [...]

A little ‘Shed Time’ Reading

Are you interested in reading about Allotment Gardening, Home Grown Food, Bees and garden wildlife, then why not try your local library. Healthy Life Essex has a very useful page showing some of the interesting books, DVD’s and Websites now available. Visit the Healthy Life Essex Library Review page for more information – and then [...]

Selling allotment produce – is it legal?

Allotment gardening is becoming increasingly popular, sometimes as family owned sites but increasingly as community projects. Quite often such allotments will yield an excess of produce at certain times of year and people might want to sell that produce

Green Deal is inspiring energy saving action

New research shows the Government’s Green Deal is inspiring people across the UK to install energy saving home improvements.

Energy saving measures boost house prices

Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14 per cent on average – and up to 38 per cent in some parts of England

Bizarre benefits of going green this spring

Spring is the time to go green in every sense of the word. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a keen gardener or environmental campaigner, there are some bizarre benefits to introducing a bit more nature into your life, and you won’t even have to lift a single green finger to enjoy them. [...]

Kit helps equip us to save the bee

Like most Brits I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet over this bad weather. I’d like to think patience is one of my strong points, but the long winter has worn it thin and I’m chilled to the bone. After one of our wettest summers on record last year, and a freezing [...]

5 Tips For Sustainable Gardening

In recent years, in addition to the general focus on spring gardening, there has been increased attention directed toward ways in which this activity can be made more sustainable. Environmental efforts are gaining ground worldwide, and you can contribute in your own way by making a few simple changes to how you manage your garden. Here are five sustainable gardening tips to help get you started!

QLawns roll out perfect pollination solutions

Having recently secured my own little victory on behalf of Friends’ of the Earth’s ‘Bee Cause Campaign’, I feel I have earned my right to take up arms, or gardening tools, in the name of pollination promotion. After badgering my local garden centre and successfully delivering a copy of the Bee Cause campaign letter to [...]

Helping ‘Bee Cause’ I can

Our world would be a very different place without the bee. This amazing insect may be small, but it fulfills a huge role in our ecosystem, pollinating up to 75 per cent of all the world’s food crops. Sadly, a decline in the strength and health of bee colonies is becoming a growing, and rather worrying, trend.