I experienced a flowing river today

By SteveMA on January 5, 2012

A Flowing RiverI experienced a flowing river today. A movement of water on its long journey towards the sea. I saw it sparkling as the sun glinted off its shifting form, I heard its quiet protestations as it negotiated rocks and pebbles and plants, I felt its coolness as it carried away the warmth from my bare toes as I dangled them carelessly in its way. I smelt its freshness mixing with the fragrant grass pressed flat beneath me and the heady fragrance of some nearby lavender.

I became aware of its quiet acceptance of the journey that was laid out before it, seeking the lowest point possible and quite literally going with the flow. I felt its connection with the rest of the water travelling its way around the world, and realised suddenly that although part of the water was moving past my position along its journey, its ‘whole’ existed everywhere.

The water that had flowed past me, was no different from, and was even in the same place as the water that had not yet reached me. It simply provided me with a singular perception of movement only, whereas in fact all of the water existed in all of its locations all at the same time.

It was then revealed to me that this was the case with time. Time gives us an impression of movement, whereas in reality it exists continuously at all points, and so only our perception of it changes. It can run fast during times of excitement and it can move slowly during periods of restless inactivity. It can also be perceived greatly differently during sleep, or during meditation.

It was at this point that it became clear to me that I too must be like both water and time. My life, in this moment, gives an impression of transience. I no more die than water flowing away into the distance beyond my perception ceases to exist. I merely experience a transition; from spring, to trickle through the earth, to tributary, to river, and on to the sea. Then do I begin a subtly different journey, transformed into a less dense form in the heavens, before returning to the earth again.

I remember being taught at school that water can no longer be created or destroyed; it merely undergoes a transition into another form, such as steam or ice. It is only the time that it spends in this state that is variable. But if the passing of time is just an illusion… then it is again just part of the body of water in the only moment that truly exists.

Then as for myself; I must be part of that which has always existed and can not be destroyed. My current existence must be a part of the ever present, ever existing whole that is only as it is now as part of a temporary illusion.

As my consciousness was heightened alongside that river, I realise that all life on Earth is also as much a part of me as I am of it.


Literally an indivisible individual.

My walk home was short, as I realised I could never be anywhere else than at home with my family in this world where I live with my fellow brothers and sisters.

Steve Austin lives near Needham Market in Suffolk, has a wife and three sons. Steve practices Qi Gong, is a qualified Spiritual and Reiki healer, and runs a company called Junari Ltd that produces tailored business management software based near Colchester in Essex, he also teaches Zumba three times a week! He loves writing and has written a number of poems and prose.
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