The Values Revolution!

By Jessica Forbes on January 20, 2015

New Report identifies major public shift towards more socially conscious behaviour

When doing your weekly shop what causes you to choose one product over another? Maybe the price, the brand, it’s location in the supermarket -or maybe it’s because of the company’s ethics? When the company at work gets involved with a community project do you get actively involved or did you do enough last time? I ask these questions because often we as the public can be quick to judge the big corporate companies on their sometimes not so ethical practices, but do we as consumers go out of our way to avoid these companies and support the ‘doing good’ ones? We all do it -it’s sometimes hard to avoid those brands that we like so much or perhaps not buy those shoes even if they’re a tempting bargain but we have to look at the bigger picture.

Businesses have to keep up with changes in purchasing trends to be one step ahead to make sure that they are offering what we want. This highlights the power that our consumer purchasing behaviour can have over the behaviour of businesses, it is our behaviour that causes companies to change their ways. Therefore we can say what we expect from a company but if we don’t follow this up in our actions and behaviour then where is their incentive to do anything about it?

Luckily more than ever, people want to make a difference through their workplaces, their purchasing power and their lifestyles and it is clearly affecting the marketplace. New research conducted by ‘Global Tolerance’, a global social change consultancy, has identified significant social changes in what we the public expect from our employers and companies in general. This could have a huge impact on business values across the world as well as us, the consumer and the employee.

Public Expectations-

  • 8 of 10 said governments, charities and businesses should be more transparent.
  • 64% of those questioned said it’s no longer sufficient for businesses to say they’re ethical, they need to prove it.
  • It has even affected buyer behaviour with 50% suggesting they would rather purchase goods and services from a company that has a positive effect on the world.

Employees Values-

  • Half (49%) said they wanted to work for a company which has a positive impact on the world.
  •  While 44% claimed that doing socially conscious work is as if not more important to them than how much they earn.
  • A third (36%) of people would work harder if their work benefitted society.

This is an incredibly positive sign for the future of responsible businesses –not only are the perspectives of consumers changing but also the perspectives of employees! Now all is left is to turn these values into actions and hope to see the changes in businesses; by no means an easy feat but it’s definitely a start.

The predicted changes in society can have a huge benefit for everyone therefore it’s important that we all do our little bit however small to support these big changes and change the world step by step!

For more information on Global Tolerance and their research please visit their website


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