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Copylogic Limited

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Copylogic Limited

Company Profile

Copylogic are a 20 year old firm supplying Environmentally friendly Copiers, Printers, Managed Print Solutions and Document Management Systems throughout the UK.

Being Kyocera's longest standing dealer in the UK we are specialist at supplying and servicing the Greenest office machines in the world.

From Our network of offices in Brentwood, Lloyd's of London, Harrow, Manchester and Reading we offer a 4 hours service throughout the UK.

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Our Social and Environmental Activities

Copylogic are specialist suppliers of the only truly environmentally friendly copiers and printers in the world. Kyocera technology is unique for the following reasons.

Kyocera use ceramic parts which means they heat up and cool down in an instant dramatically reducing power consumption.

Due to ceramic being so strong our parts last many times longer than our competitors which again is unique. so for example our copiers will do 500,000 copies inbetween service kits where most copiers such as Canon, Ricoh etc will do between 100 to 200k between services meaning higher costs and more parts being sent to land fill.

In addition our devices are the quietest, have zero emissions and the body's of the devices are made of recycled plastic and all parts of the device are labelled for when they are dismantled so the parts can be easily identified.

All packaging used is made of Re-cycled cardboard and no plastic or poly products are used.

In addition to this consumables are purely ink so when you replace a toner cartridge you are only ever putting ink into the device where with other products the toners are full of moving parts as well which are repleced for no reason.

This is not only bad for the environment but bad for your budget!

In addition to hardware we also sell a variety of software solutions all aimed at reducing waste and saving money.

We are proactive in pushing the green agenda and help our clients join the Green Card Network run by Kyocera. For more information on this, please contact

in addition we also get involved with many projects such as ORB and the Thames Gateway South Essex project for example where we can help in educating companies to be more aware of Green IT.

We can also help with other aspects of Green IT to Schools, business and many other organisations and currently have over 3000 clients throughout the UK.

Kyocera have just won Best Green Company award at the Green IT awards at London ZOO.

Kyocera who are in the top 200 companies in the world with 59,000 staff do not sell directly. they only sell through a dealer network.

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