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Adrian Ashton, Todmorden, West Yorkshire - business advice, consultancy, training & research - working with social enterprises, charities, other organisations and businesses - Certified ORB auditor

Adrian Ashton

6 White Hart Fold,
Todmorden, West Yorshire, OL14 7BD
Adrian Ashton

Company Profile

I'm a recognised, approved and accredited provider of advice, consultancy, training and research to various social enterprises, charities, sector bodies and other organisations.

As can be seen from the examples listed in the portfolio pages of my website I work across various fields and am also a published commentator on policy and sector issues.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

I pro-actively seek to strengthen the resilience of my local economy through prioritising local suppliers in my supply chain, minimise environmental impact through using public transport whenever possible, and offer a range of pro bono support to enterprises of all types through various mentoring programmes (as well as my own model of 'beer mentoring');

I regularly reflect on my performance in these regards through the annual undertaking of a 'social account' on my business practices, which is openly published on-line. This transparency has attracted interest from national (and international) agencies, and sees me regularly invited by a wide variety of organisations to support them to explore how they can best identify and enhance their impact on communities and the environment.

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  • Business Advisors and Consultants
  • Business Coaching & Mentoring
  • Business Training
  • Certified ORB Auditors
  • Social Media Training & Management

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member