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Bion Energy - Global Consultancy empowering sustainable social, economic and environmental activities. Sustainable and ecological development. Sustainable satellite cities.

Bion Energy Ltd

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Bion Energy Ltd

Company Profile

Bion Energy is a global consultancy business that arose out of the commitment of business and academic professionals, who look to empower sustainable social, economic and environmental activities that will enhance the 21st century agenda of sustainable and ecological development.
Drawing from over 100 years' experience in commerce and project management at the highest level, including close collaboration with both Government and private sector decision makers.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

We are seek to develop satellite cities, each with 35,000 homes, and all necessary infrastructure to support, in each city, 250,000 people. We wish to connect these cities to establish cities with a high speed public trasnport system so that the central business districts(CBDs) are closely associated. We propose that each satellite city be located in a zone no closer than 20 kilometres from the existing CBD and no further than 30 kilometres. This allows the highspeed public transport system to operate effectively as a commuter system with the satelite city(in the first instance) acting as a dormitory for the major existing city. It is our intention; however that each satellite city be autonomous in the mid to long term in terms of:
- Its balance of beds to work places - Its production and consumption of water and energy - Its food production and consumption
And most importantly, each satellite city will achieve zero or negative carbon emmissions in their construction phase and ongoing operational conditions with special consideration in regards to the embodied energy aspect of the cities' fabric.
This balance alone seperates this endeavour from any other yet brought to fruition. Our goal is to have fully autonomous cities capable of(at the very least) supporting their populations without stress upon the existing infrastructure and at best, for each city to be a net exporter of energy, water, manpower, fod and goods. We commit to a scientific and measurable standard of sustainibility based on true 'zero impact' calculations for water, fod, energy and carbon production. Our approaches to each of these four intiatives can be summarised as folows:
- Water. Rehydration of the landscape using Peter Andrew's methods of landcare, re-establishing the water cycle and re-establishing biotic pumps in concert with the "Billion tree tsunami" initiative.
- Food. Create a population/fod production balance by creating high density food production farms and where appropriate urban food towers within close proximity of each city.
- Energy. Establishing a combined approach to managing waste by recycling municipal waste into energy and other useful products and the establishments of large scale solar farms designed to balance the energy equation.
- Carbon. By establishing non-polluting transport systems; industries and eliminating combustion engines wherever practical and offsetting carbon emissions through agriculture and parklands inside the city, we hope to obtain a zero carbon footprint.
In all, we hope to create beautiful satellite cities to live in for the people of Pakistan; citie sthat are imbued with the character of the region, while showcasing the best in city planning, technology and lifestyle. Cities of which, Pakistan will be proud to consider as models for the future.
We do not expect that 250,000 people will move into each satellite city without proper reason or enticement and it's because of this very 'human' aspect we will focus on amenity. Of the homes, of the streets, workplaces, especially the 'greening' aspect with botanic gardens, pocket parks, tree lined avenues and public lawns and playing fields. We are aware and share a love for cricketand see this as an opportunity for useful open space in each community, while building a powerful connection to a much-loved sport. Each city will provide with a desirable leisure, sport and recreational facilities that often get overlooked in the rush to develop housing of landcare, re-establishing the water cycle and re-establishing biotic pumps in concert with the "Billion tree tsunami" initiative.

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