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There are a vast range of business opportunities so why not use our Business Opportunities Directory for ideas. You might find exactly the right sort of opportunity, including working from home opportunities.

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Association of Sustainability Practitioners Poole (07795632607)
ASP is a membership organisation for sustainability practitioners. We connect, challenge and support them to learn how to move from unsustainable to sustainable practices...
Kingswood Group Maldon (01245 204450)
Kingswood Group is a sustainable people solutions company based in Essex. We provide HR & Recruitment services and support to organisations across the UK, including London and the Home Counties. Our advice is always professional, pragmatic and co...
Energyst Consulting Southend-on-Sea (07444 697115)
Energyst Consulting delivers more than just energy consulting. We partner with our clients and help implement sustainable, Lo-carbon energy efficiency solutions - which significantly reduce carbon emissions and costs, resulting in a profit increase...
Eco-Enabler Alliance CIC Loughton (07906136933)
The Eco-Enabler Alliance, or TEA for short, is a CIC that enables independent consultants and micro businesses to share costs in sourcing and delivering Eco-Enablement activities: the process by which an enterprise reduces its carbon impact and bette...
Collaboration Global Billingshurst (07798601701)
Collaboration Global is a community of leaders who are committed to supporting and helping others to maximise their reach. By coming together we connect, collaborate and grow. Looking for ways to share our culture of love, connection and abundance so...

Total 5 records Pages: 1