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Company Profile

CHANGE AGENTS UK values working and learning for a sustainable future. A national charity that has successfully delivered sustainability projects and placements for over 15 years through training and learning, working with young people and graduates, businesses and communities. Past and current projects and partners include: Defra, The National Lottery Fund, LowC Communities, Balfour Beatty, ISTA, Peterborough Environment City Trust, University of Leicester and many more.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

To ensure that all our activities practice and promote sustainability.

General Policy Statement
It is the policy of CHANGE AGENTS UK to operate in such a way that will conserve and improve the environment, strive for social equity and fairness and promote economic development in the long-term. CHANGE AGENTS UK will conduct its business in such a way as to recognise sustainability in all its operations, policies and activities. This will be delivered via our sustainability action plan and results published in our annual report.
CHANGE AGENTS UK aims to promote a sound awareness and understanding of sustainable development through its own practices. CHANGE AGENTS UK will endeavour to ensure that sustainability is understood and valued by all its staff, Directors, partners, Project Workers, clients, volunteers, supporters and funders.
CHANGE AGENTS UK defines sustainability as the vision of boosting the economy, community and environment in a way that ensures a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

Sustainable Operations Management
CHANGE AGENTS UK recognise that all businesses impact on the environment in a variety of different ways. As part of our Sustainability Policy we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance in relation to our services and operations.
We are committed to working with our staff, customers, suppliers, investors, contractors, regulatory bodies and neighbours to achieve the following objectives;

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