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Consort Strategy Ltd - an international consulting team of leadership portfolio specialists helping clients lead with purpose.

Consort Strategy Ltd

11 Mallard Close,
Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 7DD
Consort Strategy Ltd

Company Profile

Established in 2016, we are a consulting team of leadership portfolio specialists. With offices based in the UK & Canada, we work internationally to support clients in developing their understanding of leadership theory, practice, development, dynamics, and economics.

We work with our clients to enhance their abilities to lead with purpose and to realise positive social, environmental & economic impacts.

Certified trainers for CSR-Accreditation:

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Our vision is for an inclusive global economy driven by the humanity-plus principle of elevating the human condition through innovation, ethical investment and social responsibility. As a socially responsible business, our focus is on supporting people, planet and prosperity; and through a variety of methods, we work with individuals and organisations in defining, developing and delivering high-impact leadership practices that inform innovative business ideas, generate economic success, and add value to communities.

We also provide the secretariat support for the Institute of Association Leadership, a global membership body of association Chief Executives and c-suite professionals. As part of our support, to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, we launched IGNITE: a social purpose training and knowledge exchange programme (, the focus of which is to explore and iterate the pivotal role that professional associations, membership bodies, learned societies, and professional institutes can play in advancing the UNs Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015 the International Chamber of Commerce and UN Global Impact published a report on the contributions that business associations and sector initiatives can make to global sustainable development. Arguably, in the five years since publication this report, the association sector has not yet realised its potential and yet, as you know the imperatives to tackle climate change, sustainable development, and social justice are increasingly urgent. Given the reach and influence that business associations can wield in terms of enhancing business policy, education and practice, we recognise our role in providing them with pragmatic and realistic ideas and solutions so that they in turn can support their members and fulfil their potential as societal catalysts for change. Specifically, in 2021 we formed a global policy think tank; which will produce a social purpose white paper series; we deliver monthly Masterclasses; we host IGNITE focused podcasts delivered via our Good Enough for Jazz and Association Transformation shows; we are planning "In conversation with..." sustainability and association leaders events, and will deliver a 2-day IGNITE summit in December 2021.

And finally, as already mentioned, Finally, we are certified trainers for CSR-Accreditation (, a global standard for social responsibility across business, industry, and communities.

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