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Green & Living roofs, frequently using sedum as a base, provide an environmentally friendly option for roofs. Green roofs provide biodiversity to encourage wildlife such as butterflies and bees, insulate property reducing the need for heating and cooling, and reduce the burden on drainage from flash flooding.

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Eco-Enabler Alliance CIC Loughton (07906136933)
The Eco-Enabler Alliance, or TEA for short, is a CIC that enables independent consultants and micro businesses to share costs in sourcing and delivering Eco-Enablement activities: the process by which an enterprise reduces its carbon impact and bette...
Energyst Consulting Southend-on-Sea (07444 697115)
Energyst Consulting delivers more than just energy consulting. We partner with our clients and help implement sustainable, Lo-carbon energy efficiency solutions - which significantly reduce carbon emissions and costs, resulting in a profit increase...

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