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Freetricity Plc - Renewable and Sustainable Generation Providers - Specialising in Solar Panel Installations and Solar Energy for Homes, Businesses, Public Sector & Education.


0203 189 4500
Argyll House, 1a All Saints Passage
London, London, SW18 1EP

Company Profile

Freetricity aim to help their clients home and business properties migrate from a sole dependance on power and heat resources derived from fossil fuel,and assist in the adoption of sustainable and renewable technologies. Thus creating energy through modern technology and thus lowering the dependance, and cost implications of the former. Together we can help to make the transitional process easier & more affordable for both business and domestic property owners alike.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Assist in the global push of raising awareness about the damaging effect that continuing to burn fossil fuels is having on our planet, Freetricity highlight the damage and direct effect on global warming that irresponsible emmissions have. We as individuals and businesses all have a responsibility to demonstrate to our immediate network within our reach and establish the foundation of a need for a sensitive reduction in CO? emissions and other pollutants. It is paramount that we demonstrate to and educate the future generations, as well as the current into the adoption of sustainable resource and an the correct attitude towards energyconsumption and generation.

Our business leadership plots a course based on sound principles and ethical trading, following the green agenda's laid out in our own CSR statement, we aim to provide sustainable and renewable technology to UK properties and replace CO? emissions equivalent to 500k tonnes over the next 25 years.

We pride ourselves in the positive feedback we recieve from both our clients and suppliers from the nature of how we conduct our relationships, and strive to continually improve in these areas.

Paul Williams - Paul is a successful entrepreneur and has founded a number of companies including World Publications, eventually sold to the BBC. He established the first monthly Environmental magazine in the UK, "Environment Now" in 1990, set up the European Environmental Yearbook and published The Geographical magazine, all seeking to raise awareness of climate change and green issues. He is also a trustee of the national charity Catch 22.

Ben Way - Ben is best known for his appearance on Channel 4's "Secret Millionaire". He started his first company aged just 15, and went on to become one of the first dot com millionaires. Now developing businesses in the UK and the USA, particularly focused on clean energy and green technology, Ben won the title of New Business Millennium Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000. Since then he has developed numerous ventures, making him one of the most prolific serial and social entrepreneurs in the UK.

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