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Galleywood Environmental

01245 609778
30 Moss Path, Galleywood
Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8YG
Galleywood Environmental

Company Profile

Based just outside Chelmsford, we provide advice on a wide range of environmental matters. These cover environmental legal advice, aspects and impacts assessments, excess material reuse audits, hazardous waste disposal best practice and environmental management to the new ISO 14001.
Environmental Legislation is a complex subject and can mean a whole host of requirements on your organisation, the good news is we can help you understand these requirements and provide cost effective solution.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

The company is operated to have a minimal impact on the environment and applies the following criteria.
1) Constant monitoring of use of all natural resources is in place and where possible only energy providers with green credentials are used.
2) All waste streams generated are segregated at source and disposed of by reputable contractors. Material reuse checking is applied to all waste streams to minimise the use of landfill.
3)The company actively promotes the use of bicycles for all local business trips. For longer journeys the use of public transport is encouraged or the use of low carbon emission vehicles.

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