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If I Can... is a non-profit, community interest company (CIC) based in South West London. Their App gives users daily reminders about timeless, universal values, enhancing character and wellbeing.

If I can...CIC

5 The Hermitage,
London, London, SW13 9RF
If I can...CIC

Company Profile

If I can is a non-profit Community Interest Company(CIC) whose aim is to provide regular reminders and guidance to people of all ages about the way to apply timeless natural values to all aspects of life. Modern technology is used to enable the message to be communicated on a global basis and to be easily shared with others. Special versions for schools and for business are also offered. We rely on charitable contributions to fund our operation as there is no charge for any of our services.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

If I can is a free online and mobile app that uses digital technology to help remind people about the importance of living universal human values as a means of enhancing character development as well as serving humanity. Inspired by the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling the current version can be accessed at via the If I Can Facebook page or as a phone app available in the Apple and GooglePlay app stores. Subscribers receive a daily reminder about one of 52 core values, including a Mindfulness exercise to still the mind and then a question for reflection as to how the value is or can be applied in their life.

Also available on the website is a free down-loadable schools version, a number of teaching stories about values and a link to the If I Can YouTube playlist of values videos. This schools version was developed in response the need to find ways to reduce the serious stress and tensions being experienced by many students. The values approach is increasingly being used in many primary and secondary schools as well as in some universities. The aims of our offering and other values based education projects are to
- Educate students from an early age on universal values
- Show that values are common to all traditions-spiritual & temporal
- Demonstrate the practical application of values in the studies & activities of the school and in developing effective relationships
- Introduce practices of mindfulness to enable quiet reflection on the meaning of the value for me

Currently in development is a business based version, The Ethical Entrepreneur, which is in response to the clearly recognised shift away from core values like honesty, loyalty and service, in favour of intense efforts directed at obtaining short term financial results. The actual result has been a substantial loss of trust in business and business leaders.

In this version the values are presented in the context of how they help guide the performance of key management functions
- How We Think e.g. calming the mind when making decisions;
- How We Relate to Others e.g. maintaining a harmonious work environment through the application of respect and tolerance;
- How We Act e.g. leaders setting the right example by maintaining integrity and acting selflessly.

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