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JBudd Writes - Content marketing writer for small businesses and charities. Working with organisations that want to make a positive impact on society.

JBudd Writes

07398 776 299
Denby Dale,
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 8NU
JBudd Writes

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Are you looking for SEO-friendly web content which connects with your customers?

Would you love to work with a writer who can create jargon-free conversational words which customers understand?

I am an SEO trained marketing content writer, specialising in Google-friendly blog posts which put the customer at the heart of your marketing.

Get in touch to chat about:

- Search engine friendly blog posts
- Revamping the words on your website
- Showcasing your expertise with articles
- Sharing your success stories with customer case studies
- Creating a content strategy for the next year

Like you, I believe in working sustainably to support our planet. And I believe in helping businesses like yours with their website search results. I have worked with all kinds of companies, but specialise in supporting outdoor, purpose-driven, and eco brands.

When not working, I am happiest outdoors on a wild adventure. Even better if it includes a tent.


Our Social and Environmental Activities

As a solo business owner providing content writing, talking about responsible activities for my business really means sharing my personal values and ethics.

Way back in my 20's (a while ago now, shhhh!), I became passionate about the great outdoors through walking, climbing, mountain biking and going on wild adventures in the mountains. It gave me an appreciation for the natural world and a way to fundraise for charities through taking on outdoor challenges. Over the years, that passion for the outdoors has remained at the heart of who I am, and I've continued supporting charities through events or volunteering when time permits.

At home, I use environmentally friendly cleaning products and visit our local refill store to top up on toiletries, helping to minimise single use plastics. I also buy eco friendly toilet paper online, which helped to see us through the great toilet roll crisis of 2020. We've been using a green energy supplier for several years and choose to support small local businesses over nameless chains wherever possible.

Being a Yorkshire lass who loves a good cuppa, that translates into visiting the incredible independent cafes we have in our area.

Do I believe myself to be a paragon of virtue? Definitely not - but I do what I can, when I can and am always looking at little things I can tweak to improve my impact on the environment. I'm a strong believer in 'every little helps' (damn Tesco for coining that phrase).

I love working with business owners and charity managers who have similar values and who believe in doing things which make an impact (however large or small) on the environment and in their local community.

Read my environmental policy:

Finalist of the IPSE Sustainable Freelancer award 2022

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