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Gr8 New Me - Holistic Coaching - Transformation - Growth - Workshops and Webinars - Burnout - Impostor Syndrome - Self Care - Work Life Balance - Workplace Stress

Platinum Integrations Ltd t/as Gr8 New ME

020 70962866
118 Pall Mall,
London, Greater London, SW1Y 5EA
Platinum Integrations Ltd t/as Gr8 New ME

Company Profile

Ola Molade, founder of Gr8 New Me offers Business Coaching from the soul - for businesses & founders with purpose and passion.

I offer support to founders & teams to accelerate growth & overcome effects of challenging market conditions

For Teams
Dealing with uncertainty of changing markets, evolving expectations or disappointing results can erode confidence & motivation in teams & impact company performance

My work with teams fosters cohesiveness around common goals & liberates fresh energy to creatively face off to challenges both inside and outside of the organisation

For Individuals
Physical, emotional & psychological well-being of each one of your people is a critical lever for ensuring performance and safety in your workplace

Individuals dealing with stress or depression can impact morale or client relationships

I work with individuals to develop tools, techniques & insights specific to them, through which they can maintain phys

Our Social and Environmental Activities

I believe we all need to be the change we want to see

I scrutinise relationships with clients, suppliers, team members, associates, and my community to ensure contribution is positive and supportive.

Some specific decisions/activities I currently take to ensure my organisation is part of the solution include:

- Supporting employees to achieve work-life balance by allowing them to design their working hours

- Assessing suppliers' ESG credentials wherever possible before making a decision to work with them

- Offering pro-bono support where I believe I can support organisations who also wish to be socially responsible - I currently volunteer with the Santander Women's Business Mentoring service and regularly offer free support to community members that could use support

- Limiting environmental impact of travel by offering remote solutions wherever possible, using public transport as much as possible where travel cannot be avoided and using a low emissions vehicle where public transport is not an option.

- Operating a paperless workplace - all documents are stored online, and suppliers and customers alike are requested to communicate electronically at all times

I am continually seeking to improve and learn, hence joining ORB

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  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Life Coaching & Personal Development

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member