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The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour - The ISCP - Online, compassionate science-based dog training courses - Beginners to professionals - Supporting & benefitting dogs & people

The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd

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30 Circus Mews,
Bath, Somerset, BA1 2PW
The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd

Company Profile

The ISCP is a global education provider which offers accredited distance learning courses that include dog behaviour, psychology, nutrition, handling, wellbeing and welfare.

Courses are available from beginner to professional level. These are science-based and focus purely on our Sympatico method, which uses kind, gentle, reward-based ways in which to understand, interact with and teach dogs and people.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

The key factor since the ISCP opened in 2011 has been caring about and helping people as well as dogs. With this in mind we include emotional intelligence and people skills in webinars and courses, and team members give talks for local communities. We are committed to ensuring that our members are equipped to support their future clients, both human and canine, and are enthusiastic about the benefits of holistic, force-free, reward-based scientific methods.

The discounts we offer on courses to members of rescue charities, dog-related charities and veterinary staff are enabling them to update and modify approaches to the assessment, handling methods and treatment of dogs. We encourage charity staff and vet staff to pass on their newfound knowledge to their team members in order to have continuity of care and to educate non-ISCP members. This is especially vital for rescue shelters, as it has been found to increase the numbers of successful rehomings and adoptions.

Graduates must sign our Charter and promise to abide by our code of ethics, be respectful towards others, and to use only compassionate methods in their dealings with others.

We decided to 'go green' as much as possible several years ago, and all course materials are now sent digitally instead of in paperback book form and as paper certificates and diplomas.

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