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Transitions London

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Transitions London

Company Profile

Transitions London provides expert recruitment and internship services of highly skilled refugee professionals in London e.g Accountants, Engineers and Lawyers.

Refugees have been given protection in the UK but most employers either think they are not allowed to work in the UK -that is not correct - or consider them overqualified or under-experienced.

National Grid, Crossrail, Brunel University and London Community Credit Union have all found staff and/or interns via us. Give us a call!

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Transitions is still tiny but it is built on strong principles...

Inclusiveness: Transitions seeks to include, consult and collaborative with its stakeholders in order to provide services that are relevant to them. For example, our themed 4 monthly Advisory Network meetings always have 30% of the places reserved for our refugee candidates, to ensure that they always have voice there. Likewise, our paid internship programme is openly advertised and operates an inclusive guaranteed interview system for refugee applicants who satisfy the essential criteria, in order to recognise and seek to address the multiple disadvantages that they face in the market. Our current 2 interns both have refugee backgrounds.

Environmental responsibility: We are a small organisation with 1 office. We seek not to print documents unneccesarily and instead have all data carefully backed up electronically. All used paper is recycled. The electricity in the office is provided by Ecotricity.

Collaborating with social enterprises: Our accountancy services are from another social enterprise.

Supporting local businesses and young entrepreneurs: Our IT services are from a local 17 year old who is building up a great, highly reliable and competent small business.

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