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Final wishes of one of our D-Day veterans

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Thursday, January 01, 1970

Last Thursday 16th September myself and my other cycling teammates set off from our offices in Kent and cycled 196 miles with over 10,500 ft of climb to The National War Memorial in Lichfield. Some of the hills were brutal and I now understand why High Wycombe is called just that. On the last day it rained hard and we all got soaked but as we arrived at the destination the sun shone and we all celebrated our achievement. Our aim was to raise £10,000 for the Normandy Memorial Trust in order to build an education and information centre above Gold Beach in Normandy to educate the future generations about the D-Day Landings. Well guess what… we only went and did it! Watch the quick 45-second video below which shows what went on. Click to watch our little team achieve the goal. I want to thank everyone who sponsored and supported us on this fantastic challenge. It’s not too late to donate, click the button below. Your donation will help the next generations have a more peaceful future. To donate Go to

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