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Giving as we GO!

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Thursday, January 01, 1970

I have always been inspired by Ricardo Semlar on his Ted Talk about how to live a good life, where he shares his belief that if you are ready to \'give back\' you took too much in the first place :-p From that beautifully crafted blinding flash of the obvious from Day 1 we at Collaboration Global have joined with B1G1 to create business for good. For every piece of income earned, regardless of our profit, we donate to worthy causes across the world. Our members get to choose what impacts their membership will create, either by choosing a UN Sustainable Goal or the actual charity the impact will have - from fresh water in a specific African village or education in South America or impacting a UK charity. Giving as we go feels so right and B1G1 are the perfect partners to collaborate with, as are ORB who demonstrate our passion to be good for the planet as well as business. Together We Are Stronger!

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