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ROAR SOCIAL - Social Media Management for Ethical & Sustainable Businesses. Big brand experience. Now working solely with values-led companies

Roar Social

31 Salvin Road, Stamford Bridge
York, Yorkshire, East Riding, YO41 1SD
Roar Social

Company Profile

Introducing ROAR SOCIAL. Taking our experience from working with huge brands like KitKat, Quality Street, LNER, TES magazine & Cow & Gate - we've built an agency with world-class experience now working with brands & businesses that give back, that have purpose & that look after their people. Because they deserve success.

World-Class Social Media for companies that care.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

First and foremost, we exclusively work with ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly businesses. When making choices in business, who you do business with is what's most in your control.

When hiring, we clearly set out with our potential team members our principles of engagement, our mission to work with purpose-driven companies and that these values are essentials to work with us.

When joining us, it's made clear that working comes second in life because, as we all know, life happens. I tell the team that work/life balance is mandatory. We layout in our terms of business that we do not work beyond core working hours unless previously agreed with notice. People need to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. If the people are happy the work is good. And, other than fair remuneration, nothing makes workers happy than freedom and trust.

Environmentally, we don't currently have any direct activities. However, I made the decision to become a WFH business early this year to reduce travel costs and emissions from team members travelling into the office.

When we do have a team day, we choose places like Spark in York as they're a sustainable venue.

Charity partners: we will always reserve resource for a charity partner, the partner will change year on year. Currently, we work with BeenThere, a mental health charity app supporting adults recovering from eating disorders.

We're excited to make big steps over the next 6 months and further our commitment to putting people and the planet before our profits.

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Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member