Where Does It Come From? - Beautiful childrens clothing that is ethically and sustainably produced - You can trace the origin of each item purchased right back to where cotton is grown to who made it

Where Does It Come From?

12 Warrington Road,
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QU
Where Does It Come From?

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Here at Where Does It Come From? we produce gorgeous, ethical products such as childrens clothes, ladies scarves and accessories. Everything we sell is fully traceable so that you can discover exactly where it came from and get to know the people involved in making it.

The clothes are all hand-made using traditional (very low carbon!) techniques and everyone involved receives a fair wage and decent working conditions.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Where Does It Come From? takes its ethical responsibilities very seriously. We are accredited to the Fairtrade Foundation and are working with them to get the Fairtrade mark on our products. Future collections will use organic cotton too.

We work with partners in developing communities to ensure that our collections are ethically made and meet Fairtrade standards. Our partner for our first collection, MoralFibre Fabrics, is based in Gujarat and is a member of the Fairtrade Forum India. Working with MoralFibre has enabled us to trace our garments right back to the area where the cotton grew, and through the whole creation process. The cotton is processed by hand and coloured using natural, eco-friendly dyes and traditional hand-dying methods that use much less water and produce less waste. Weaving the yarn into cloth is done by hand too, often using solar powered or pedal looms. Sometimes the fabric is block printed - a traditional patterning technique and all done by hand. The workers are members of a co-operative and many can work from their own home, which is very important culturally. The co-operative that we work with is called Udyog Bharti and has been ISO9001 accredited.

Our packaging is also as eco-friendly as we can get it, using recycled and recyclable envelopes, tissue and card.

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